Considering a Return to School

One of the reception mums just asked on our Facebook group who's going to be back in school on Monday. Only a few replies so far but most are staying home still, including small boy. Considerations There are lots of reasons for us, some selfish and others more community spirited. For starters, trying to take … Continue reading Considering a Return to School

What a Noise!

On Friday evening Daddy told Sam and Marley they couldn't have their fast food treat and... oh... what a noise! On Saturday morning Sam couldn't go to swimming and... oh... what a noise! On Sunday morning Marley learned that there was no football practice on and... oh... what a noise! On Monday at breakfast the … Continue reading What a Noise!

This is just to say

This is just to sayI have eatenall the cherriesthat were inthe fridge and whichI was probablysavingfor the weekend Butthey were deliciousso sweetand so yummy (By me, 20 May 2011, hijacked from William Carlos Williams) Think I'll put cherries on the shopping list now, making me hungry.